A grand slam in responsible mining

A Grand Slam victory for a mining company simply means being best in class at responsible business conduct; in its forest management and the enhancement and protection of the environment; its social responsibility programs and ensuring safety in the workplace and in communities.

Hinatuan Mining Corp. (HMC), a subsidiary of Nickel Asia Corp. (NAC) this year takes top honors from the country’s most prestigious award body in the mining industry – the Presidential Mineral Industry Environment Award (PMIEA).

“It’s our first time and it’s a grand slam! We still can’t believe it but that these rewards were given to us during this most difficult time of the pandemic, makes this moment doubly exhilarating, everyone was moved when the news first broke, it is the reason for our existencesaid the engineer. Francis Arañes, resident mine manager of HMC.

HMC, with operations in Hinatuan Island, Tagana-an, Surigao del Norte, wins the Presidential Award for surface mining operations; the Best mining forest in the Metallic category; the winner of Safest surface mining operations; and the winner of Safest mining; plus, the individual rewards of Best Surface Safety Inspector and Best surface miner according to HMC employees Aldrin L. Resullar and Jennifer Q. Inting, respectively.

The PMIEA is the highest honor awarded to a mining company. The assessment and evaluation of this year’s winners encountered additional challenges with COVID-19 threats in a context where movement was limited, the economy threatened, operations delayed and the provision of services to communities were among the biggest challenges for the company’s community workers.

HMC had its eyes on these awards for years.

The company remains steadfast, focusing on specific goals that the award body monitors and measures, such as the actual number of hectares to be rehabilitated as mandated by the Bureau of Mines and Geosciences (MGB), even going into outside their areas of responsibility by supporting the Philippine National Greening Program (NGP); building a robust forest in the mine site, highlighting ecotourism programs; bring its host and neighboring communities to sustainable economic development programs; among others. And to ensure that compliance goes beyond its mandate, HMC emphasizes the effectiveness of reporting, transparency, by giving importance to its Information, Education and Communication (IEC) programs.

“The bar for honoring mining companies has been set even higher, with additional emphasis on ESG principles – Environment, Social and Governance – amid the ongoing debates on climate change,” Ingr said. Aloysius C. Diaz, SVP NAC and responsible for production.

Diaz says miners, HMC in particular, are now even more aware of peer reviews because the world has become more critical in holding the industry responsible for a greener, healthier, and safer future.

PMIEA assesses all facets of responsible and sustainable business practices of a mining company, with a strong focus on environmental protection and management; and ensuring the health and safety of employees and the overall well-being of the people in the communities they serve.

The Hinatuan mining site, also known as the “Tagana-an Nickel Project”, is located on Hinatuan Island, Barangay Talavera, Municipality of Tagana-an, Province of Surigao del Norte. Its area of ​​operations is located in the Surigao Mineral Reserve.

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