Adams Town meeting to vote on budget and spending articles /

The town reunion will again be held at Bowe Field like last year.

ADAMS, Mass. – Town Hall members will see 29 items Monday night at the Annual Town Hall meeting at Bowe Field at 6 p.m.

The first three articles are annual articles that appear on the to guarantee every year.

Article 4 fixes the salaries of elected officials. More information can be found on the actual warrant.

Item 5 represents the city’s 2022 fiscal budget. This breaks down into a staff budget of $ 6,490,080 and an operating budget of $ 2,322,484. More information can be found in the city meeting documents.

Item 6 is the capital budget of $ 631,761. This includes $ 27,500 in technology upgrades and $ 636,950 in debt service.

Clause 7 will ask the municipal assembly to allocate $ 83,050 in free cash for various capital purchases and infrastructure projects.

The biggest expense is a new police car for $ 55,000. The rest will be used for maintenance projects in the library and purchases within the DPW department.

Item 8 is the Hoosac Valley Regional School District assessment of $ 6,137,745. This is an increase of just over $ 200,000 from the previous year.

Item 9 is the McCann Technical School valuation of $ 1,055,418. This valuation is down by about $ 16,000.

Section 10 will use $ 250,000 to offset the tax rate.

Clause 11 will transfer $ 135,000 from the reserve fund to the stabilization fund.

Clause 12 will put $ 175,000 in the reserve fund and clause 13 will allow the city to pay unpaid bills. There are no unpaid invoices.

Section 14 will allow the city to participate in the block grants program for community development and section 15 will allow the city to participate in the grant program for community facilities.

Section 16 will allow the city to accept $ 2,300 in perpetual maintenance funds from last year’s cemetery.

Article 17 will allow the treasurer to borrow in the event of a shortfall. Any loan must be approved by elected officials.

Article 18 sets the expenditure limits for revolving funds and Article 19 modifies the remuneration plans. A full reading of these two articles can be found on the Terms of Reference.

Section 20 will allow the manufacture and cultivation of marijuana in the industrial park.

Item 21 is the second and final payment to the Hoosac Valley Regional School District of $ 17,879. This stems from an assessment miscalculation a few budget cycles ago that the city agreed to repay using free money.

Section 22 will allow the city to appropriate $ 86,391 in free money to pay for a court judgment following an incident in the 1970s.

Section 23 will allow the city to withdraw $ 89,000 from the Economic Development Fund. $ 45,000 of this amount will be used to hire an economic / community development consultant. This fund is supplied each year by taxes on meals and accommodation. The remainder will be used within the Community Development Department and for downtown marketing.

Section 24 allows the city to approve a payment in lieu of tax agreement with Grove Street Solar LLC, which is currently installing a solar panel in Dukes Sand and Gravel.

Sections 25 and 26 will put in place funding to make critical upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant.

Section 25 will allow the city to temporarily reclaim $ 310,000 of the unused portion of the $ 2.5 million 2018 storm damage fund for engineering purposes on the sewage treatment plant. . The city must show a commitment to the project in order to maintain its position with the state’s working capital.

Funds from the US bailout will be used to replenish storm damage funds.

Section 26 will allow the city to raise and appropriate, borrow or transfer a sum of money that will be used to complete the improvements to the wastewater treatment plant. The estimated cost of the project is $ 5,049,500.

These two articles allow the city to meet state deadlines that would allow the ton to receive lower interest rates, an extended loan repayment and a portion of the principal canceled in advance.

Debt service would likely start in summer 2023

This article must be adopted with a vote â…”

Section 27 will see if the city will allocate $ 100,000 to develop an asset management plan for wastewater and stormwater systems. $ 60,000 of this will be transferred from city funds provided that the city first receives the repayment of the grant. The remaining $ 40,000 will consist of in-kind services and the remaining community development funds ($ 12,000).

This article also allows the municipality to submit requests for subsidies and reimbursements.

Section 28 would allow the city to apply to the state to increase the number of liquor licenses in the city.

Article 29 closes the meeting

The Finance Committee recommended all applicable articles. Here is their relationship.

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