Bolsonaro defends meeting with Putin to advance bilateral trade

The President arrives in Russia this Tuesday 15; topics such as energy, defense and agriculture should guide discussions

Alan Santos / Presidency of the RepublicAccording to the president, the invitation was made by Vladimir Putin, which makes the trip more important.

President Jair Bolsonaro disembarks at Russia this Tuesday 15. He defends the importance of maintaining the trip and underlines that there are important economic stakes in the fields of energy, defense and agriculture. Still according to the President, the invitation was made by Vladimir Poutine, which would make the trip even more important, which will have as its main objective to discuss issues related to bilateral trade. “Russia, knowing the difficult moment in this region, we have trade deals with them and our agro-industry depends largely on their fertilizers, we have problems to deal with in defence, energy, a lot to deal with “, did he declare.

The government reiterated that the visit did not mean support for Russia in the conflict with Ukraine. the vice president Hamilton Mourao. “I don’t see a problem, this tension that is happening is the result of pressure from both sides, between Russia and Ukraine itself, and obviously the NATO people, with the United States in the lead. In my opinion, it’s going to stay in this pressure game, ”she said. The meeting between Bolsonaro and Putin should take place this Wednesday 16. After the visit, the Brazilian president will also travel to Hungary.

*With information from the journalist Luciana Verdolin

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