Codere unveils Red Bank to raise awareness of violence against women

Codere presented its new social responsibility campaign, entitled Red bank, to promote the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Under the slogan “violence is never love”, the initiative develops various actions against gender-based violence, raising awareness of the social problem and promoting a culture of equality and respect for women.

lvaro from Ansorena, People business manager at Codere, noted: “At Codere, we are firmly committed to upholding a culture of diversity and equality among our people. Not surprisingly, our company is made up of a very diverse staff, made up of people of over 43 different nationalities. This diversity is part of the company’s values.

“Likewise, 40% of our 11,000 employees are women, so it is essential for the organization to support actions of equality, diversity and respect.

“From Codere, we are working to raise awareness and eradicate any abusive behavior and this campaign aims to be forceful in this regard. “

As part of the initiative, the group will promote different actions to reject domestic violence in its rooms and offices in the seven countries in which it operates, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia and Panama, to raise awareness of the issue that affects nearly 236 million women worldwide, according to the World Health Agency.

Placing a red bench as a symbol in bedrooms and offices, the company will create spaces for reporting, memory, reflection and information on gender-based violence, to promote a culture of equality, integration and respect. .

Codere cites that his campaign is inspired by the famous bench painted red by Italian activist Tina Magenta, in commemoration of the first protest against femicide. Also in the symbolic exhibition of red shoes by Mexican artist Elina Chauvet, in memory of victims of domestic violence.

Jorge Barreras, Codere people in charge of CSR, said: “The company’s new corporate social responsibility framework is an ideal platform to channel and bring this social issue closer to employees and customers, as a company engaged in the environments in which it develops. its activity, and with respect for gender equality and diversity. “

Codere recently launched its Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Policy, as well as a specific protocol to prevent, treat and eradicate violence at work. Initiatives which contribute to the advancement of equality in the company and reinforce the vocation and the commitment to the responsibility of the group.

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