Daily Briefing: India and Australia sign pact to boost bilateral trade; Pakistan’s parliament is expected to vote on a no-confidence motion against the prime minister today

Hello, from an India-Australia pact meant to boost bilateral trade to the no-confidence motion in the Pakistani Prime Minister – here are the top reads from today’s edition.

Big story

In a “decisive moment”, India and Australia signed a Economic and trade cooperation agreement (IndAus ECTA) which is expected to provide duty-free access to 96% of Indian exports to Australia. The pact is expected to nearly double two-way trade in goods and services over five years and generate more than a million jobs in India, according to a government estimate.

Only in the Express

Strike the Modi government for its “welfarism”, P Chidambaram in an Opinion column writes“After taxing the poor and the middle class and collecting huge sums, the central government used this money to provide them with ‘additional welfare’! Annual expenditure on additional direct benefit transfers since 2020 was no more than Rs 2.25,000 crore, which is less than the annual fuel taxes levied by the Center alone.

From the first page

As Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, faced with a vote of no confidence, called on his supporters to “protest peacefully”, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa called for dialogue and diplomacy to resolve all outstanding issues including Kashmir with India. He spoke of his country’s “long and excellent” strategic relationship with the United States, which Khan blamed both indirectly and directly for its problems, and denounced Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

Nepal PM Sher Bahadur Deuba, on his first bilateral visit abroad since taking office, said he had discussed the “border issue” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and “urged” him to resolve it through of a “bilateral mechanism”. India said the “general agreement” was to approach it responsibly and “avoid politicization”.

IFB Agro Industries Ltd, based in Kolkata informed stock exchanges that its board of directors has approved “contributions to political parties by way of election bond subscription in one or more tranches not totaling more than Rs 40 crore for the financial year 2022-23”. He also pointed to “excise-related issues faced by/affecting the business”. Earlier, the company reported an attack on its distillery by more than 150 “hooligans” and requested assistance from the Chief Minister and Finance Minister of West Bengal.

must read

How does “beach” turn into “bitch”, “buster” turn into “bastard” or “combo” turn into “condom”? Well, it happens when Google Speech-To-Text and Amazon Transcribe, two popular automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems, mistakenly give age-inappropriate captions on YouTube videos for kids. This is the main conclusion of a study called “Beach to bitch: Inadvertently dangerous transcription of children’s content on YouTube‘ which spanned 7,013 videos from 24 YouTube channels.

A anti halal campaign takes place in Karnataka coinciding with the Kannada New Year of Ugadi, marked by many Hindus eating meat the next day. Right-wing Hindu outfits have urged Hindus not to buy meat from halal shops, with reported incidents of Bajrang Dal men assaulting Muslim shop and restaurant owners. On Saturday, the Karnataka Livestock Department said it had received complaints that animals were not stunned before slaughter, which was against the rules. State traders fear the circular could be used to harass them.

He is an oligarch, the owner of the Chelsea football club and one of the richest Russians, with over $8 billion in personal wealth. So what does he have to do with the war in Ukraine? While Roman Abramovich’s role in the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations has not been officially clarified, speculation in Ukraine and the rest of Europe is that it is the billionaire’s attempt to salvage his assets. scattered across the world.

The Delhi government has announced that it is setting up boarding schools for children from homeless families. But for 13-year-old selling head scratchers in Connaught Place, life has taught him to be wary of such promises. “People asked me about it. Someone came to take my dad’s number too. But they never called,” he explains. He never went to school and says he never sees himself going there. “I have three sisters and a brother. My older sister and I have to make a living, and maybe our younger siblings can go to school,” he said, “I’ll do this for the rest of my life.”

And finally…

When Veenapani Chawala settles down Adishakti Theater Arts, a performing arts institution near Pondicherry, it wanted to establish a form of theater whose sole purpose was not to entertain or inform but to understand the psychic or “space of luminous creativity” in each person . Chawla’s intense legacy attracts new generations of theater makers to this day. Adishakti – the name means Primordial Feminine Energy – celebrates its 40th anniversary from April 5, with a festival called “Remembering Veenapani 2022”.

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