EAM Jaishankar meets with US NSA; discusses India-US partnership, Indo-Pacific, climate change

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan where they held broad discussions and agreed that people-to-people ties and shared values ​​are the foundation of the US strategic partnership. India that is helping end the pandemic, supporting a free and open Indo-Pacific, and providing global leadership on climate change.

Jaishankar, the Indian Cabinet Prime Minister to visit the United States under the Biden administration, met with Sullivan on Thursday.

“I am delighted to meet Jake Sullivan. Extensive discussions, including on the Indo-Pacific and Afghanistan. We expressed our appreciation for the American solidarity in the face of the Covid challenge. The partnership between India and the States- United for Vaccines can make a real difference, ”Jaishankar said in a tweet after the meeting. .

“Our people-to-people connections and values ​​are the foundation of the US-India partnership and will help us end the pandemic, lead the climate and support a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Sullivan wrote on Twitter after the meeting. . .

The U.S. government and Americans across the country have provided more than $ 500 million in COVID-19 relief to India.

“We will beat this pandemic together,” Sullivan tweeted.

During the meeting, Sullivan and Jaishankar praised the cooperation of the past few weeks which has resulted in shipments of more than $ 500 million in COVID-19 relief supplies from US federal and state governments, US businesses and citizens. private across America for the Indian people, said Emily Horne, spokesperson for the National Security Council, White House.

“They discussed a range of regional and global issues and agreed that the United States and India should continue to work closely together to address common challenges across the Indo-Pacific region.

“They agreed that people-to-people connections and shared values ​​are the foundation of the US-India strategic partnership that helps end the pandemic, support a free and open Indo-Pacific, and provide global leadership on climate change.” , she mentioned.

India, the United States and several other world powers have spoken of the need to ensure a free, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific amid growing Chinese military maneuvers and aggression in the region.

The Chinese military is also actively monitoring the strategic Indian Ocean region to strengthen Beijing’s influence.

China claims almost all of the disputed South China Sea, although Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam all claim part of it. Beijing has built man-made islands and military installations in the South China Sea.

In 2017, India, Australia, Japan and the United States gave shape to the long-standing proposal to create the “ Quad ” or the Quadrilateral Coalition to counter China’s aggressive behavior in the region. indo-pacific.

Jaishankar is due to meet with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday.

Jaishankar also held an important meeting with US Trade Representative Katherine Tai to discuss a wide range of bilateral trade issues.

The minister described this as good discussions. “Welcomed its positive stance on IPR (intellectual property rights) issues and its support for efficient and strong supply chains,” he said in a tweet after the meeting.

Earlier this month, Tai, after consulting with various stakeholders, announced his support for India and South Africa’s decision to relinquish certain intellectual property aspects of COVID-19 vaccines to the Organization. World Trade Union (WTO). This step has the potential to help considerably in the fight against the pandemic which has claimed the lives of more than 3,507,000 people around the world.

“Our trade, technology and trade cooperation are at the heart of our strategic partnership. Strengthening them is vital for post-Covid economic recovery,” Jaishankar said in another tweet.

According to the latest official quarterly data, India is the US’s ninth-largest trading partner in goods and services.

Total bilateral trade between India and the United States from January to March of this year was $ 24.8 billion.

According to the Commerce Department, US exports of goods and services to India supported around 1.98,000 jobs in 2015 (the latest data available) – 82,000 supported by exports of goods and 1.16,000 by exports of services.

Jaishankar also had meetings with the top executives of American companies, organized by the US India Business Council and the US India Strategic and Partnership Forum.

Jaishankar also met with influential US lawmakers from the Democratic and Republican parties and discussed developments regarding Quad and vaccine cooperation with them.

He tweeted that he had “good conversations” with House India Caucus co-chairs, Congressman Brad Sherman and Rep. Steve Chabot.

“The US Congress has been a tremendous pillar of support as India takes on the Covid challenge,” Jaishankar tweeted.

He also held a meeting with the representative of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the Presidents, Gregory Meeks, and the representative of the ranking member Michael McCaul.

“We discussed developments relating to Quad and our cooperation on vaccines. Acknowledge their leadership in building stronger ties,” the minister tweeted.

Jaishankar also met with the director of national intelligence for the Biden administration, Avril Haines.

“Glad to meet DNI Avril Haines. We look forward to working closely together to address contemporary security challenges and advance our strategic partnership,” he tweeted.

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