Garfield Township Creates Boardman Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund with Community Foundation

By Beth Milligan | November 9, 2021

The Township of Garfield has given $ 800,000 to the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation for the long-standing creation of an endowment fund for the maintenance of the Boardman Lake Trail.

The endowment will ensure that the Boardman Lake Trail “can be enjoyed for years to come,” according to a statement from the Community Foundation. “By partnering with the Community Foundation, the endowment will provide sustainable funding for the trail on an annual basis in perpetuity.”

The Boardman Lake Trail Loop is nearing completion through a multi-year, cross-sector partnership between TART Trails, Garfield Township, Town of Traverse City and Grand Traverse County. With the trail due to be completed by next summer, support for ongoing care and maintenance “is an essential part of the overall project,” according to the Community Foundation.

“This donation is among the largest one-time gifts we have received so far this year,” said David Mengebier, President and CEO of the Community Foundation. “We appreciate the confidence the Township of Garfield has placed in us to be the steward of this important project, as the completed trail will contribute to a healthy, resilient and prosperous Traverse City community for generations to come.” “

TART Trails CEO Julie Clark says her organization has learned from past experience “the hard lessons of the importance of establishing a maintenance fund for new trails as they are developed.” As trails age, they need both preventative care and general maintenance to extend their life and stay operational longer.

Garfield Township Supervisor Chuck Korn said the township was “delighted to partner with the Community Foundation to create the long-term endowment needed to maintain the trail,” adding that with “so many partners collaborating on this project, we are happy that this commitment will ensure the future of the trail.


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