HBCU-Led Marketing Firm ABCD & Company Proves Philanthropy is Just as Important as Making a Profit

By Megan Sayles, AFRO Business Writer,
Report for America Corps Member,
[email protected]

Howard University alumni and best friends Brittanye Briscoe, Amber Dozier, Durecia Moorer and Corey Briscoe started the full-service marketing and events firm ABCD & Company in Rockville, Maryland in 2014.

Although they all had personal motivations for becoming entrepreneurs, there was one motive they all shared and that was to create a legacy of giving back to their community.

“Having the ability to give and contribute to the community in a meaningful way was important. We recognized the reality was that to have real impact, we needed capital,” said Corey, managing partner and COO at ABCD & Company. “For us, it was about building a business so we could create legacy and impact, give back to communities, and empower others to create economic sustainability.”

ABCD & Company’s corporate culture is directly related to its corporate social responsibility, and service is always at the forefront of team members’ concerns.

In its work, the company seizes opportunities to advocate for Black-owned businesses by partnering with them when organizing and producing events.

While all companies have revenue goals, ABCD & Company also sets annual service goals, and each quarter the team participates in a corporate social responsibility project.

Most recently, ABCD & Company pledged $100,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (St. Jude) and pledged to raise an additional $400,000 for the hospital by galvanizing other local black philanthropists .

The company chose to make the donation in honor of Dr. Rudolph Jackson, one of the first black doctors at St. Jude and a pioneer in the treatment of sickle cell disease, a genetic disease that affects red blood cells and is found most common among African Americans.

ABCD & Company also recently worked with Junior Achievement of Greater Washington, which teaches young people about financial literacy, job readiness and entrepreneurship. There they coached and mentored budding entrepreneurs and judged business pitch competitions.

So far, ABCD & Company has donated $25,000 to charities of its choice and has accumulated over 100 hours of community service. The company hopes to serve as an example of how other businesses and organizations can succeed while continuing to support their communities.

“When you just look at the scale and scope in particular of the economic impact that has affected not just the African American community but various minority communities and women, it’s a huge economic impact,” said Dozier, partner. director and director of strategy at ABCD & Société. “There is not a single company, there is not a single government agency, there is not a single industry or area that can fix it. It takes a concerted effort across society to really address some of these things.

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