Karnataka receives 2,913 ventilators to treat Covid patients

Bangalore, May 30 (IANS): In the midst of the second wave of the pandemic, Karnataka received 2,913 ventilators from the Center to treat Covid patients in state hospitals, an official said on Sunday.

“The state has received 2,913 ventilators from central government – 2,025 for phase 1 and 888 for phase 2 so far. All phase 1 ventilators have been installed in district hospitals (578), public medical schools (574) and hospitals in Taluk. (708), composite health centers (24) and private hospitals (141), ”an official in the chief minister’s office said in a statement here.

Of 888 fans in the second phase, 712 have been installed and the remaining 176 will be used as needed.

With the increase in the number of positive cases and the increasing admission of patients with severe Covid to intensive care units, 2,737 ventilators are being used. The demand for additional ventilators will be met according to the needs of any hospital.

“Each Taluk hospital received 50 oxygen beds and 6 ventilators in their intensive care units after the first wave of the pandemic,” the statement said.

Admitting that technical issues were detected in some of the ventilators installed in hospitals, the official said staff had received supplier hotlines at all times for servicing the machines.

“When ventilators are installed in the hospital, technical staff receive an operating demonstration and an in-line installation to rectify any snags, if any,” the official said.

The state health department has also provided ventilators to private hospitals, as they have been asked to reserve 80% of their beds to treat Covid patients referred by government doctors.

On a related note, large German automaker Bosch, based in the city, has offered to repair Covid hospital ventilators for free, CN Deputy Chief Minister Ashwath Narayan said.

Company vice president Ramesh Saligrama said fans with snags will be repaired as part of his corporate social responsibility.

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