Last call to submit your project for the 2021 EESC Civil Society Prize on Climate Action

Application deadline: June 30

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) invites civil society organizations and individuals with creative projects to fight climate change to apply for its 2021 Civil Society Prize.

This year, the flagship award will crown initiatives contributing to the success of the European Green Deal.

The EESC is therefore looking for projects that help change standards and behavior and encourage citizens to be part of the climate solution rather than part of the problem. Our potential candidates strive to make local economies greener or drive the transition to net zero emission societies at the local or regional level.

thethe registration deadline is June 30, 2021 at 10 a.m. (Brussels time).

The EESC – which gives a voice to trade unions, NGOs and employers’ organizations at EU level – launched in April the call for nominations for the prize, totaling 50,000 euros. The prize will be awarded to a maximum of five laureates at an award ceremony scheduled to take place in Brussels on December 8 and 9, 2021, depending on the health situation.

The EESC Civil Society Prize is open to all civil society organizations officially registered within the European Union and acting at local, regional, national or European level. People residing in the EU can also apply. To be eligible, initiatives and projects must be carried out in the EU and must have already been implemented or still be ongoing. Those that are planned but whose implementation has not started by June 30, 2021 will be excluded.

The full description of the requirements and the online application form are available on our website:


The EESC will award its Civil Society Prize this year to outstanding projects and initiatives covering at least one of the following themes:

  • Promote the full involvement and / or acceptance of civil society in the transition to a climate neutral society;

  • Promote citizen participation in the climate debate;

  • Design / implement projects that inspire and promote a transition to climate-friendly lifestyles for individuals in their local environments and workplaces, including by employers or workers’ organizations;

  • Promote climate awareness among consumers or encourage behavior change and change in social norms in the context of the climate crisis;

  • Design / implement projects that advocate active climate policies at local / regional / national or European level;

  • Promote climate justice in the broad sense, taking into account human rights and corporate social responsibility; encourage climate awareness among larger, more diverse and / or disadvantaged / marginalized audiences; ensure that no group in society is left behind in the transition to a climate neutral economy and society;

  • Promote climate education in schools at all levels; design / implement projects that raise awareness among children and young people about climate change and the solutions to it;

  • Raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and promote actions aimed at increasing resilience and adaptation to climate change;

  • Promote the involvement of civil society in the implementation of climate policies at local / regional / national or European level;

  • Foster active citizenship and empowerment through involvement in projects that promote a just transition and the creation of new civic interactions leading to a climate neutral economy;

  • Promote the active engagement of young people in the proposal and implementation of climate solutions, as well as empower young people to become involved in decision-making processes on climate and environmental policies at local / regional / national level or European.


In 2021, the EESC will award its 12e Civil society award. Each year, devoted to a different theme of particular interest to the EU, the Prize recognizes and encourages initiatives and achievements of civil society organizations and / or individuals who have made a significant contribution to the promotion of common values ​​which strengthen European cohesion and integration.

We invite you to encourage civil society organizations in your country or network to apply for the 2021 EESC Civil Society Prize and thus help valuable projects to be recognized.

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