MEBO fulfills the duties of the time as a responsible company

Kevin Xu participates in a public service activity. Photo: Courtesy of MEBO

Founded in 1987, the MEBO Group, led by academics in practical regenerative medicine and regenerative life technologies, has grown into a large-scale integrated high-tech transnational company with activity spanning clinical treatment, pharmacy, dietary supplements. and medical care services.

MEBO, holder of more than 100 national and international patents, owns dozens of regenerating products with independent intellectual property, including medical, health care and skin care products.

Kevin Xu, chairman of the board of MEBO group, told the Global Times that the company has established an international cross-border services trading platform that has connected more than 100 strategic partners since its inception in 2020.

“These companies are not able to regularly export their products to their partners due to the pandemic, so they have chosen us to give them more means to export abroad. MEBO has grown for more than 30 years and our market covers more than 80 countries and regions around the world, which is the solid foundation that allows us to establish such a global service trade platform, ”said Xu.

MEBO, a global dual-headquartered company, has the ability to expand beyond China and the United States.

“Therefore, our business can absorb more information for holistic analyzes and make better decisions to ensure that the business can find a way to grow in a diverse environment,” said Xu.

Kevin Xu speaks at the Beijing China International Trade in Services Fair.  Photo: Courtesy of MEBO

Kevin Xu speaks at the Beijing China International Trade in Services Fair. Photo: Courtesy of MEBO

Reinforce the new normal

Regarding the pandemic, Xu said he believes the sudden COVID-19 outbreak has provided the company with many opportunities because it has changed the way the global economy works.

“The pandemic has changed the way our business will operate in the future. That is, businesses must not only be self-productive, but also be a platform of services to connect others,” said Xu said.

In 2020, Xu proposed to create an emergency network for trauma treatment, originally in China, but after the COVID-19 outbreak became a global event, Xu decided to connect more partners. to establish the global emergency network.

Additionally, Xu said people should have a better understanding of future outbreaks and the virus itself. In collaboration with Harvard University, Xu set up the world’s first COVID toe syndrome database, so people can learn more about the new symptoms and understand how to prevent them in the future.

“The global enemy must be faced by the whole world, and no one can be left behind,” Xu said, adding that the pandemic has brought people together. Since people had to communicate with each other through online applications during the pandemic, they must understand that communication and mutual trust are just as important when the world is facing the same enemy.

Answer the call of the times

Over the past year, fundamental changes have taken place in almost every area, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no exception.

“At present, in addition to conforming to the times and finding a new direction to carry out our work, transparency and accountability will also become the key elements for companies to fulfill their social responsibility. . Many companies talk about the importance of social responsibility. Now is the best time to put it into practice, ”Xu said.

For many years, MEBO has been committed to making its own contribution to global challenges such as reducing poverty, improving healthcare and promoting education by using its innovative technologies and products. He not only creatively developed a whole new global training paradigm by working closely with the Clinton Global Initiative, the UN and the Belt and Road Initiative, but he also performs extensive international rescue and technical support.

For example, MEBO was one of the first to respond after the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, in August 2020.

“We MEBO firmly believe that only by actively engaging in social responsibility can a business have real vitality and competitiveness,” said Xu.

Looking to the future, Xu said MEBO will firmly grasp the great opportunity for China to build a new development paradigm to invest more capital and resources, accelerate regenerative medicine innovation and build a platform. global and large-scale service business.

As more and more companies go global, Xu expects Chinese entrepreneurs to embrace the global market and seize major historical opportunities to win in this key period of developing a broader market space in the world. ‘to come up.

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