Media and academics call for accountability with free speech

BAHAWALPUR – A two-day Media and Communication Conference (ICMC 2021) was organized by the Department of Media Studies at Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB).

The central idea was freedom of expression and social responsibility. Addressing the inaugural session of the conference, Vice-Chancellor Ingr. Professor Dr Athar Mahboob said the theme of the conference was of the utmost importance in the international context. He said the conduct of the dialogue by the Department of Media Studies is highly commendable.

He said freedom of expression is a basic human right that our law and religion guarantee us, adding that freedom of expression and social responsibility are essential. Of course, it is not appropriate to impose unnecessary restrictions on freedom of expression.

But without legitimate legal and moral restrictions, freedom of expression can lead to the deterioration of society, he added.

Freedom of expression is the hallmark of democratic societies. It is because of this that societies prosper mentally, intellectually and scientifically.

He expressed the belief that in the light of the views presented by foreign and domestic intellectuals at this conference, it would be useful to formulate a declaration and policy on the subject and at the same time it would help learning and to the intellectual development of the faculty. and students.

Addressing the inaugural session, former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Center Javed Jabbar congratulated the VC, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Chairman of the Department of Media Studies for convening the conference and said that this is a very important topic in the current era. And above all the growing influence of social media in society has added to its importance.

He said that due to the different interpretations of freedom of expression and social responsibility, there is a conflict of ideas in society which has led to conflicts and in some places European governments have had resort to violence under the guise of absolute freedom of expression. Attitudes are promoted. There are such attitudes in our society due to which religious, linguistic groups and regional contexts emerge. Therefore, it is necessary to set the necessary limits and restrictions on freedom of expression and all of society should be linked.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Rubina Bhatti and the Chairman of the Department of Media Studies, Prof. Dr Abdul Wajid Khan, welcomed all the guests and said hoped that the conference would succeed in achieving its objectives. From various sessions of the conference, Prof. Graham Dock Lug Board University of England, Prof. Dr Steven Big Blood Park University the USA, Dr Raya Dada’s Charles University Czech Republic, Dr Suzette Lille, University of Johannesburg South Africa, Prof. Dr Fatima Azhara Cairo University Egypt, Prof. Dr Play Prolin Wenger Felt University Sweden, Dr Bishma Bukhari Dean Department of Communication and Media University College Bahrain, Ammar Yousuf of Media Algeria Leading journalist Mazhar Abbas, Dr Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Dr Noshiba Saleem, Dr Shahzad Ali, Dr Zahid Yousuf , Dr Yasmeen Sultana Farooqi, Dr Saqib Riaz and other academics presented their papers.

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