Natus Medical Board of Directors strengthens governance and focuses on growth

  • Establishes an environmental, social and governance committee
  • Transition from the Quality & Compliance Committee to the Innovation & Quality Committee
  • Appoints Thomas J. Sullivan Principal Independent Director

PLEASANTON, Calif., October 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Natus Medical Incorporated (NASDAQ: NTUS), (the “Company” or “Natus”), a leading provider of medical device solutions focused on diagnosis and treatment of central and sensory nervous system disorders in patients of all ages, today announced that the company’s board of directors has established an environmental, social and governance (ESG) committee and transferred the role of the committee of quality and conformity to the innovation and quality committee on September 30e, 2021.

The Innovation & Quality Committee will oversee the Company’s focus on accelerating growth through innovation and product and process quality. Natus’ success with investments in research and development to advance patient care, coupled with compliance with quality systems and regulatory requirements related to product safety and efficacy are critical to the achievement of strategic growth objectives of the Company. Dr. Bryant Moore will chair the Innovation & Quality committee.

The ESG committee will enable the Board to ensure that ESG risks and opportunities are integrated into the Company’s strategy; overseeing the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, human capital development, health and safety, data security, diversity and inclusion, and other ESG pillars; and defend the transparency of ESG reports for shareholders. Alice Schroeder will chair the ESG committee.

“My fellow Board members and I are delighted that these two committees are putting more emphasis on ESG, innovation and quality. These are the cornerstones of growth and our efforts to create long-term shareholder value. We look forward to working with Jonathan and the Natus leadership team to continue the many existing best practices and implement improvement opportunities at all levels of the business, ”said Joshua Levine, Chairman of the Board of ‘administration. Mr. Levine added: “I would also like to thank Tom Sullivan for assuming the additional responsibilities as Independent Lead Director. With his board and management experience, he is a valuable resource and a sounding board for myself and our directors.

“The foundation of our company and our products is centered on improving the lives of patients, which is at the heart of our social responsibility and sustainability. Innovating and improving the quality of our products allows Natus to make an impact and contribute to society. We have made notable progress in our ESG initiatives in recent years and recognize that further progress in this area is a journey. We look forward to working with our Board of Directors to increase the transparency of our accomplishments and broaden our sustainability going forward, ”said Jonathan Kennedy, President and CEO of Natus.

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Natus Medical Incorporated improves patient outcomes using the most comprehensive product solutions, extensive training, and ongoing customer service in the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous and sensory system disorders for patients of all ages.

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