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Expanded partnership between GlobalFoundries and PsiQuantum will develop the next generation of photonic quantum computing system

Senator secures funding to advance quantum computing and cyber capabilities in China; Funding will boost the economy of the Mohawk Valley and the Capital Region, create jobs and strengthen national security

Schumer: Upstate New York is the world leader in quantum computing and future technology

US Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer today announced $25 million in federal funding to spur a new phase of the partnership between GlobalFoundries and PsiQuantum. This funding, obtained through the recently passed fiscal year 2022 spending program, will expand research and development conducted from the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, New York (Rome Lab), to manufacture and test photonic quantum computing technology. The senator said this funding will create jobs, help attract and retain top scientific talent to upstate New York, and make critical progress to compete with China in developing a first quantum supercomputer. in its kind.

“The next frontier of quantum computing technology is being developed right here in upstate New York. I am proud to provide this $25 million federal funding for this expanded partnership between GlobalFoundries and PsiQuantum to strengthen the cutting-edge research conducted by the Rome lab, create new jobs, and secure America’s future as a leader in cutting-edge technology,” said Senator Schumer. “Now more than ever, federal funding is needed to ensure that the United States stays ahead of our international competitors – including China – in the race to develop the next generation of high technology and that will boost our researchers to continue making breakthrough discoveries in quantum computing.”

“This funding is an important step towards advancing our state-of-the-art silicon photonics platform, a foundational technology that is needed to deliver quantum computing that enables a higher level of cryptography and encryption that are so essential to our national security. said GlobalFoundries CEO Tom Caulfield. “For years to come, this partnership will create hundreds of engineering and manufacturing jobs at our most advanced manufacturing facility in upstate New York. And as the only semiconductor foundry based in the United States, this announcement demonstrates GF’s continued commitment to investing in manufacturing and technology in the United States.”

“Senator Schumer’s leadership in securing this funding is truly visionary,” said Jeremy O’Brien, CEO and co-founder of PsiQuantum. “This is a big step forward for quantum computing, which will enable important breakthroughs in the fields of climate, health, finance, energy, agriculture, transport, communications and beyond. We are proud to work with the Air Force Research Laboratory and our strategic partner GlobalFoundries to make critical investments to advance this vital technology.

The partnership between GlobalFoundries and PsiQuantum aims to use expertise in manufacturing semiconductor chips to make significant progress in accelerating quantum computing technology. In May 2021, PsiQuantum and GlobalFoundries revealed a breakthrough in quantum computing fabrication: the first single-photon detector in a silicon chip. This means that the element needed to “see” qubits, the cornerstone of quantum computing, can be built into a chip where companies can then scale those chips to be able to process useful calculations. This achievement validates the companies’ shared bet that they can build on more than 50 years of history of semiconductor chip advancements and then pursue quantum scale. The recently secured $25 million in funding will help fund specific investments that are being made at GlobalFoundries, including new fab integration and tools to be installed at GlobalFoundries that are needed to develop and build components for the photonic quantum computer. from PsiQuantum. The funding will enable the partnership between PsiQuantum and GlobalFoundries to develop and manufacture the core components of the world’s first large-scale quantum computer.

Last year, following the direct plea of ​​the senator Rome Lab has been designated a Quantum Information Science Research Center for the US Air Force and US Space Force. This laid the foundation for this year’s funding and the $10 million announced earlier this year for the “Quantum Computing Test Bed” at the Innovare Advancement Center, which aims to be a global catalyst to bring together world-class talent in areas such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and quantum, to address the country’s greatest challenges to national security and economic competitiveness.

Earlier this year, Schumer announced more than $293 million in federal funding for the Rome lab under the FY22 omnibus legislation. Rome Lab is also a source of growth for the regional economy and a major source of employment. According to the U.S. Air Force’s 2020 economic impact analysis, Rome Lab employed over 1,200 workers with an annual payroll of $150 million and generated over $500 million in regional economic activity. Because of Rome Lab’s strong commitment to excellence in developing and improving this country’s cybersecurity infrastructure, as well as its commitment to employing local residents with well-paying jobs, Schumer has long driven to ensure that Rome Lab has what it needs to succeed and maintain its strong workforce. Since 2018, the senator has directly secured over $80 million for the Rome lab for quantum computing efforts and over $20 million for UAS research and development.


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