Specialty and niche meal kit marketing aligns offerings with specific consumer needs

Many consumers have adapted to new ways of cooking and eating during the pandemic, with delivery, street pickup of restaurant meals and meal kits, all have seen consumer interest increase over the course of the pandemic. the last year. Many pandemic-related habits continue as consumers learn to appreciate the convenience of delivery and eating at home. Several meal kit brands, primarily focused on healthy, fresh or sustainable food, are leveraging digital advertising solutions to reach consumers. For example, meal kit brands, including Diet Direct, Trifecta Food, Farmbox Direct, and Marley Spoon, target their key audiences with discounts, informational content, shipping offers, and social responsibility initiatives, leveraging the popularity of e-commerce to increase engagement and sales.

The Food Institute, which notes that there has been a “tectonic change in the [meal kit] industry ”since the pandemic, reports This growth in the meal kit industry will continue as brands target “consumers on a diet or specialty diet: some services already offering keto, paleo and vegetarian meal plans, additional specialty selections are likely to be available. ‘attract more consumers.’

Diet Direct Offers Discounts and Benefits to Consumers Wanting to Lose Weight

For many people, it is difficult to cut calories due to the need to constantly cook and shop. Direct regime offers “high protein and tasty foods and supplements” that help their customers “get the nutritional support they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” For consumers embarking on a new diet and exercise regimen, Diet Direct alleviates the hassle of juggling cooking and meal planning. Diet Direct’s specialty foods and kits are delivered right to customers’ doorsteps, with a 30% off promotion offered for first-time orders as an added incentive. Through their website, consumers have a variety of options for ordering Diet Direct branded products, including directly from the Diet Direct e-commerce platform or with subscription and backup accounts that allow customers to have their selections automatically shipped.

Trifecta Food leverages content from its website to connect with targeted consumers

Trifecta Nutrition targets consumers who want personalized, high-protein meals that meet their high-intensity fitness goals. “Eat like you train” is the brand’s slogan, explaining, “Trifecta offers science-based meal plans designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, and feel amazing about yourself.” With diets that include keto, paleo, and vegetarian, consumers can sign up for weekly meal plans and manage their subscriptions with the Trifecta app, which allows them to switch plans or skip certain weeks. Meals require very little prep time, a fact Trifecta repeats in the brand’s online content, including a video explaining how the plans work. Consumers can also choose to recreate meals from world-class athletes, who share their Trifecta diet on the site, including what they eat at different times during their workout. Quality content provided by experts can help consumers feel good about their purchasing decisions, especially when advertising to niche groups such as bodybuilders or Crossfit enthusiasts.

Free shipping and signup discounts for Farmbox Direct members

farmbox direct

The last few years have seen a on the rise in people who choose to adopt or try veganism, vegetarianism and flexitarianism. Farmbox Direct appeals to those who choose to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, offering free shipping and generous signup discounts for subscribers. The Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand offers a variety of options, including boxes of organic and all-natural fruits and vegetables, and “juice” boxes that contain all the ingredients needed for green, orange or green juices. red. Farmbox Direct uses a personal touch with its offers, explaining “We spend many hours finding the best organic and natural products available to bring them to your doorstep. We believe in farm-to-table, like food should be! For the niche market that Farmbox Direct is likely to appeal to, content explaining the source of the food and the care taken in assembling the boxes can only generate subscriptions.

Marley Spoon is distinguished by its variety of meals and its commitment to sustainability

Organized by Martha Stewart, the dean of style herself, Marley Spoon offers gourmet meal kits created from 29 different recipes, but requiring only six cooking steps. The combination of quality ingredients and convenience is a key part of the brand’s message. “To help make weeknights easier and dinners more delicious, we [Marley Spoon] take the thousands of dishes we’ve created and deliver them right to your doorstep. Every recipe we share reflects our love for seasonal ingredients and delicious flavors ”. Explain Marley Spoon. In addition, the brand is committed to the sustainability of its activities, operating as a fully carbon neutral company, working with small food producers and planting “over 44,000 trees in Venezuela and Uruguay ”, and distributing“ 4,000 clean and efficient stoves to families who cook over open fires in Zambia ”. Brands that are able to promote their corporate social responsibility initiatives often find favor with like-minded consumers.

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