Students from Euboea create an ecological niche

Nine students from Eretria, Euboea, recently built a unique and ecological niche.

“Fluffy Shelter” was assembled using recycled / biodegradable materials.

Not to mention, the innovative dog house has a roof garden!

“The roof can become a beautiful garden, with flowers and plants… Its walls are covered with a special chalkboard paint and the owners can paint the side surfaces. There are plastic bottles that are filled with sawdust, so that they provide insulation and in addition, so that there are no leaks when watering. There is also an asphalt canvas on the roof, ”said one of the students. NAMA.

Students from Euboea create an ecological niche

“By buying ‘Fluffy Shelter’, we are supporting animal welfare associations and promoting the idea of ​​adopting stray animals. In addition, a large part of the profits will be donated to organizations that care for the homeless, ”they added.

The pet shelter is available in three different sizes.

“The idea of ​​the children started from their love for animals, while they took into account the environment, but also the needs of the tourist area in which they live, where there are problems with stray animals” , explains their teacher Vasiliki Prokopiou.

“By putting the problem of the local community at the forefront, they looked for a way to help and within the framework of social responsibility, they created their business,” he added.

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