Telangana will not source from farmers in Rabi, accuses Center


Blaming the Center for “shirking” its social responsibility, he told farmers that the state had neither the financial capacity to procure the rice nor the infrastructure to store it.

However, he assured the farmers that the government would buy all of the paddy produced during the current Kharif season. Rao said that although the Center has not agreed to increase the supply target beyond 40 lakh tonnes, the state government will buy all of the paddy despite the losses it has to bear. .

KCR, as Rao is known to all, said the Center had agreed to purchase only 40 lakh tonnes during the current season, although production is expected to be 90 lakh tonnes. He warned that paddy not purchased by the Center during the current season would be dumped at the BJP offices and India Gate in Delhi.

The chief minister was addressing a press conference after the state cabinet meeting, which reviewed the situation following the centre’s decision not to purchase parboiled rice from the state.

KCR pointed out that during Rabi, only parboiled rice is grown due to the high temperatures in February-March.

The head of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) severely criticized the Center for not having set the annual target for raw rice that it will procure from the state.

He alleged that the Center was shirking its social responsibility. “The government cannot look at every problem in terms of profit and loss. It also has a social responsibility,” he said.

KCR asserted that it is the Centre’s constitutional duty to purchase food grains, distribute them through the public distribution system (PDS) and maintain buffer stocks to ensure food security and make the country self-sufficient. in the production of food grains.

He alleged that since the BJP came to power at the Center, it adopted “anti-farmer, anti-poor and anti-middle class” policies.

KCR alleged that the BJP government killed 750 farmers by passing three farm laws and Prime Minister Narendra Modi withdrew the same and apologized to farmers for fear of losing elections in Uttar Pradesh and in d ‘other states.

Stating that India ranks below Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal in the Global Hunger Index, he ridiculed the Centre’s claims it cannot buy more rice as stocks build up. . He said the Modi government should tackle the problem of hunger by distributing free rice to the needy.

He said the poor and ordinary man in the country will only get relief when the Modi government is overthrown.

KCR alleged that the Center treated them like beggars for visiting Delhi to discuss the paddy supply issue. He criticized Union Minister Piyush Goyal for asking a delegation of state ministers if they had no other work.

He said the TRS would continue to raise farmers’ issues in Parliament. He demanded that the Minimum Support Price (MSP) law be passed during the current session.

He also reiterated his opposition to the proposed amendment to the Electricity Law. He alleged that the Center was trying to take control of the electricity sector and force states to install meters for farmers’ electrical connections.

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