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The US Hunter Jumper Association is pleased to announce dates, locations and clinicians for the 2022 Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund / USHJA Emerging Athlete Program Regional training sessions. This year’s 10 clinics will include edited sessions led by Jeff Cook, Joe Fargis, Cynthia Hankins, Candice King, Julie Winkel and Jim Wofford. Tracy Forman, Julia Hogan, Colleen Reed, Nanci Snyder and Anne Thornbury will lead stable management sessions. Applications are now open and close on April 1.

This year’s regional training sessions will be held at the following locations:

New for 2022 is the Stable Management Trainee program, which offers a non-equestrian component to a number of participants who wish to learn more about the behind-the-scenes management of high performance equine athletes and competition stables.

Participants will observe the stable management clinician in their selected regional training session and receive more intensive instruction in horse care and management, providing an immersive learning experience in stable and horse management. racing under the direction of some of the best stable managers in the sport.

Candidates interested in the Stable Management Trainee program must submit an application and three recommendations by April 1 to be considered.

The Emerging Athlete Program is open to junior, amateur and professional members ages 12 and older beginning December 1, 2022 and is offered at 0.90 meter and 1.0 meter fence heights. Riders interested in participating must complete and return the applicationassociated fees, and three letters of recommendation to USHJA by April 1.

Riders accepted into the Emerging Athlete Program begin by participating in a five-day regional training session, during which they have the opportunity to work with top riding clinicians and stable managers. Riders provide their own horses for regional training and provide all care themselves.

Once the regional training sessions have been completed, 16 riders and a limited number of stable managers will be invited to attend the national training session based on their riding and stable management skills and the potential demonstrated during of their regional session. Only members between the ages of 12 and 25 on December 1 of the current competition year are eligible for the national training session. Dates and location for the 2022 Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund/USHJA Emerging Athletes Program National Training Session will be announced at a later date.

Each USHJA area offers a minimum of two grants to EAP participants to help offset the cost of attending a regional training session or the national training session. For more information, visit, select your area of ​​origin, then click on “Grants and scholarships”. EAP grant applications must be completed by April 1.

The USHJA Emerging Athletes program was created for equestrians to gain knowledge of horsemanship and horsemanship in their quest to become knowledgeable and experienced equestrians and women within the hunter/jumper community. Since the program’s inception in 2009, EAP athletes have continued to work for Olympic and nationally recognized coaches, as well as compete and succeed in top hunter, jumper, and equestrian in the United States and at the stranger. For more information on program specifications and application requirements for the USHJA Emerging Athletes program, visit

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