York Hospital receives $25,000 donation from Kennebunk Savings

YORK, Maine – Kennebunk Savings continues its work as an advocate and supporter of substance use disorder prevention and recovery programs with a new $25,000 donation to York Hospital. The funds are being used to create a hybrid treatment and wellness room at the recovery center inside the hospital.

The largest conference room space on the hospital campus is being renovated with new technology and equipment to facilitate meetings that will engage both in-person and virtual participants. This hybrid treatment model will provide the safest and most efficient way to move forward with intensive outpatient treatment at York Hospital.

“In our years of working within the recovery community, we have learned to emphasize ‘peer-to-peer’ recovery, as much of the success of these programs depends on the trust that stems from shared experiences,” said Bradford C. Paige, President and CEO of Kennebunk Savings. “Two years into a pandemic, and our partners in the recovery community have had to pivot repeatedly to create safe, shared spaces for people looking for that sense of community and support.”

“It’s not just the constraints imposed by the pandemic that are preventing access to recovery,” added Liz Torrance, social accountability manager at Kennebunk Savings. “Access to childcare, transportation and working hours can be barriers to adequate care. York Hospital’s new facility will allow patients who need to be virtual to remotely engage with in-person patients as a cohesive group, together in treatment.

“Our experience over the past 18 months with virtual processing has taught us that this medium is an equally effective delivery model; however, our patients are experiencing screen fatigue,” said Eric Haram, director of York Hospital Recovery Center. the experience will enable a more dynamic set of options for appropriate in-person participants, improving overall engagement and retention in care.”

“The benefits to this vulnerable patient population cannot be overstated,” said Dr. Patrick A. Taylor, President and CEO of York Hospital. “We could not do this important work without the generous support of the business community, and we are incredibly fortunate to have Kennebunk Savings as a partner in our collaborative efforts to improve care for all those seeking treatment and recovering from disorders. related to substance use.

York Hospital Recovery Center is the premier program in the Coast Region, providing outpatient treatment for patients with substance abuse issues – alcohol, opioids, marijuana and other substances – and those affected by other people’s use. If you need help, call 207-351-2118, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. [email protected]

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