Zibo China Finance and Industry Development 2021 summit opens

ZIBO, China, May 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Zibo, a city with a deep cultural background, its spirit of “innovation, openness, pragmatism and inclusiveness, ” of Qi culture accord with the characteristics of reform and innovation. Zibo, a city with a solid industrial base, is moving towards a development model driven by new growth engines. Zibo, also a city of unlimited potential, pursues a development of transformation and modernization in leaps and bounds with its own characteristics.

Zibo China Finance and Industry Development 2021 summit opened at Zibo Convention and Exhibition Center On May 27e, on the theme “Creating a future of industry-finance integration and entrepreneurship – Building a high level of finance for innovation”. The summit includes a Carbon neutrality panel, a main forum, a Jixia Academy night conference, sub-forums, competition tours, with nearly 100 participants, including heads of investment institutions, elites from relevant sectors and representatives of the academia, bringing their wisdom on the new future of Zibo industry and finance development.

Yuan Peiquan, Deputy Director General of Finance Shandong delivered a welcoming speech. Zhang Zhaoyi, Director of Risk Control of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Li Kanbin, General Manager of Market Department I (North Region) of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Jia Zhonglei, Director of the Intermediary Affairs Department of the National Stock Exchange of shares and listings and member of the first listing committee, delivered speeches; Jiang Duntao, secretary of the municipal party committee, gave a keynote address and Ma Xiaolei, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, hosted the opening ceremony.

Led by senior politicians, Zibo must embrace both funding and talent
A superior business environment and development ecology are the prerequisites for the boom in a city’s finance and industry.

At the summit, Song Zhenbo, member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee and vice-mayor of Zibo, announced a “1 + 2” policy package to promote the development of the city’s financial industry. “1” refers to “Advice on the creation of a regional financial platform for scientific and technological innovation”, “2” refers to two complementary policies, namely “Policies on the promotion of the development of clusters of the Financial Industry in Zibo “and” Ten Suggestions on Promoting Fund Institution Development Clusters in Zibo “. All of these policies are attractive, forward-looking and easy to implement. By 2025, Zibo’s financial sector growth in one year will exceed 35 billion yuan, representing more than 7% of the GDP. Financial sector tax revenues will exceed 3.5 billion yuan. There will be more than 25 newly listed companies. The proportion of direct funding will reach about 20% and the size of the fund’s asset management will exceed 200 billion yuan.

As an old Chinese saying goes: “I want to come, I want to stay”. When a city is willing to cultivate an optimal environment for the development of financial industry and innovation, it will bring new dynamics and opportunities for the development of its economy and reform of the industry.

Supported by Capital, Zibo to reshape its industrial landscape
Food and fodder come before troops and horses. If industry is the engine of Zibo’s “leapfrog development”, then capital can be viewed as the fuel and oxidizer.

The summit saw the launch of the Zibo Longmen Emerging Industries Development Fund of Funds, QiXin Industry and Finance Secondary Fund and Zibo Yingke Science and Technology Innovation Industry Fund of Funds. Among them, Zibo Longmen’s emerging industries development FoF, with a size of one billion yuan, will be based in Zibo to set up position management agencies. According to the high-quality “twelve tough battles” development plan, based on its industrial landscape in particular the 11 “new racing tracks” high-tech enterprises, the bottom fully play the empowering and leading role of the capital market in the real economy for high-quality growth. Qixin Industry Finance secondary fund will promote a better environment for city venture capital investment so as to diversify and improve Zibo industrial financial system.

At the summit, Zibo Caijin Holdings Group Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with V. Stone. Fund and initiated a merger and acquisition project of Zhaojin Futures with Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd.

Signing and launching of major funds and projects is a testament to the progress of Zibo’s financial industry. The high-quality capital pooling effect can help transform technological progress into concrete productivity, which will support and boost Zibo’s science and technology innovation industry and its new strategic industry by adding new vigor to them. As more and more capital flows in, takes root and produces positive results, Zibo is gaining momentum for development and embracing the rest of the country with open arms.

Platforms created, the summit gives impressive results
Continuing the legacy of “creating a respectful, supportive, safe and profitable environment for businessmen”, the summit was applauded for its concrete fruits. The signing of 35 key projects at the summit will further fuel the growth of Zibo’s industry, create a gravitational pull of finance capital to the city, and accelerate the integration of finance and industry. Also help Zibo to build a regional financial platform for scientific and technological innovation. The Zibo fund association was also officially launched at the summit.

High quality development must land in specific project materials. In the era of industrial modernization and the blossoming of the “4 new economies”, all major cities in the country are developing their future skills with projects, in particular with projects based on high quality platforms that can play a critical role and serve as a prime mover. for companies and even the entire industrial chain in their efforts to replace old growth engines with new ones.

With its industrial foundation and looking to the future, Zibo is opening its “super tracks” which cover all industries. Focusing on the needs of finance and industry development, Zibo takes the initiative to take center stage with the aim of embarking on the “next step” of high quality development.

Gathering of KOLs, discuss the new future of Zibo technological innovation
The summit welcomed diverse opinions from nearly one hundred renowned industry insiders, including experts, academics, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and representatives from relevant institutions.

Wang zhongmin, Chairman of the Shenzhen Institute for Financial Stability and Development and former Vice Chairman of the National Social Security Fund Board; Huang Wensheng, Vice Chairman, Secretary of the Board of Directors, General Manager of Finance and Asset Management Department of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Chairman and Party Secretary of China Petrochemical Corporation; Sheng Xitai, Chairman of Hongtai Aplus; Yu Kaijun, Vice Chairman, Secretary of the Board of Directors and General Counsel of China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd .; Liu Erhai, Founder and Managing Partner of Joy Capital; Jerry lou, Founder and CEO of Everpine Capital, Li Dapeng, Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of Zibo Caijin Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of Qi Shang Bank; Jia kang, Chairman of the Chinese Academy of New Economy on the supply side and Chairman of the Fiscal Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance at the time; Wu Xiaobo, financial and business writer, founder of 890 New Business Study, and Blue Lion Publishing and Chen Xi, full professor and dean of the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering at Columbia university and the recipient of the US Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers attended the summit and delivered keynote addresses. An online speech was delivered by Danielle Shechtman, Nobel laureate in chemistry 2011

Summit guests engaged in insightful conversations about the future of capital trends in science and technology innovation in the context of the transformation between old growth engines and new ones. Focusing on the trend of venture capital investment in the “4 new competent industries” namely new materials, smart equipment manufacturing, new drugs, electronic information, they explored new magnets to invest in value and gave advice on how to build Zibo’s financial ecosystem and promote the city’s industrial development.

List published, Zibo remains true to the spirit of value investing
The official publication of the list of the most promising venture capital institutions in 2021 was the last but not the least session of the summit on May 27. Hongtai Aplus, GSR United Capital, Plum Ventures were among the 50 entities that made the honor roll. By emphasizing early investment, these highly promising investment institutions have facilitated innovation in the sector by investing in companies. Against the backdrop of an era characterized by unprecedented major changes From China capital market, these forward-looking investment institutions endowed with shrewd senses will play an indispensable role in the growth of companies through different phases, thus bringing lasting benefits to society.

We know that two sub-forums and a roadshow will be held simultaneously at the summit on May 28, which will create a platform for Zibo’s high-quality companies and projects to gain wider access to capital in an efficient manner.

With the way ahead being broad and promising, the millennial town of Zibo is approaching the most critical moment in its history. With growing momentum, Zibo is about to fully bring out the underlying impetus for the development of high-quality finance and industry, to build a new plateau for the development of the industry. scientific and technological innovation.

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